Why Do Cats Love Trees So Much?

52 views27 September 2017

There are so many reasons why cats love trees! We already know that cats love to hunt, climb, scratch, play and lounge – and trees are purr-fect for all of these pastimes. In the wild, cats use them to survey their territory and target prey. They are also a safe place to get away when other predators are on the prowl.

House cats have the same instincts as wild cats, this is why having their own vertical territory is very desirable, they can check out their environment while feeling secure. They are also good for exercise and are great for enrichment as cats and kittens alike are experts at climbing and balancing. Cats mark their territory by scratching and an indoor cat tree makes a great scratching post. In fact, they are good for so many things that if you haven’t already bought one for your kitty we suggest that you consider getting one – your kitty will love you all the more for it and they’ll probably love playing with the box it came in too!

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