Pregnant Cat Came To a Man, Desperately Meowing for Help

5519 views19 September 2017

This is one very incredible rescue story. One night when this kind man Suf Supiani was throwing the garbage he found a heavily pregnant cat. She was desperately trying to find some food and drink at the garbage. He immediately decided to adopt her. He names her Angelina Meta Halmstron.

He knew that she is pregnant and took to a vet. The vet confirmed that she is pregnant with two kittens.

After a few days she gave birth to one wonderful little kitten. The other kitten unfortunately did not survive. She had complication with the other kitten, and had to go under surgery. She is recovering very well.

She is an amazing mom. She takes care of her babies all the time. She pays attention every moment to be sure that her kittens are well. They are one happy family.

via : Happycatsonline

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