Most Cats Hate Playing In The Snow, But This Longhair Just Can’t Get Enough Of It

3767 views15 February 2017
No matter how old you are, it’s always tempting to go outside and play after a fresh snowfall. After all, who doesn’t love lobbing some snowballs, building an igloo, or making a snowman when it’s a winter wonderland outside?

Nala, a mix between a Maine Coon and Norwegian Forest cat, loves playing outside in the snow as much as anybody. In fact, she might like it more than most!

The only issue is that she doesn’t always have somebody outside to cavort around with. That’s why she came up with a hilarious way of letting her owners know exactly when their presence is requested!

You don’t usually see cats who love the snow quite as much as Nala does! She sure is cute trying to get someone to play with her, though!

Via honesttopaws.

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