Incredible Slow Motion Video Clip Reveals Just How Cats Land on Their Feet!

236 views24 April 2017

But in some random cases, the folklore isn’t far from the truth.

A new video from BBC explores in stunning slow motion just how the African caracal can land on all four feet after an upside-down fall, manipulating its body to right itself before hitting the ground.

The video is a part of the BBC One educational program called Life in the Air, which reveals just how animals around the world can seemingly defy gravity.

In the slow motion footage, the caracal in the video clip can be seen falling through the air from a few feet above the ground.

its body begins in a forward-facing position, but it then quickly begins to arch itself, twisting and bending near the head and lower back.

While it may not look all that comfortable, this movement is just a normal part of the cat’s internal design.

The caracal’s flexible spine ‘allows him to rotate their front and back ends in different directions at the same time,’ the video explains.

via : thebestcatpage

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