Hilarious Video Shows Moritz the Miniature Pig Take Leonardo the Cat for a Leisurely Walk on a Leash!

306 views 22 April 2017

GERMANY – They’re not known for sharing a particularly companionable friendship at all in the animal world.

However, a cat and two pigs bucked the trend – after they took each other for a walk.

The hilarious footage in the video below shows the cat, Leonardo, being tied to his lead and led by Moritz the miniature pig along a footpath.

Their pal, a pig named Smarty, also accompanies them for the afternoon trot.

At one point ragdoll cat Leonardo falls a bit behind, leaving Moritz to pick up the pace.

They are all rewarded at the end of the walk by their loving owner, who is waiting at the door for them with treats.

via : thebestcatpage

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