Heavily Pregnant Cat Cries Out To People On The Street to Be Fed And Then An Angel …

13713 views28 April 2017

Even the most adamant of animal lovers know that as hard as they try, they can’t help every single stray in the world.

They can just offer assistance to those they just so happen to come across or find out about in their own time.

This pregnant kitty seems to know that she needs to take advantage of this idea, and so, she makes sure that she crosses into the lives of as many people as possible!

In the video you are about to see, she makes sure she meows – a lot.

She meows long and quite loud, crying out to someone – anyone -who can hear her and take the time to help.

She’s obviously hungry and obviously pregnant, so she needs the nutrients more than ever.

Luckily, just as she’s calling out, a kind man named Robin Seplut stumbled upon her and simply knew he had to help!

He was thankfully able to coax her to come with him to a safer spot and eventually gained her trust enough to offer her a big container of food.

The cat might be slightly distrustful of humans, but just take a look at how happy she is now that she’s full!

After, she even lets Robin pet her. Just listen to that purr!

via thebestcatpage

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