He Starts Talking To His Cat, But The Kind Of Reaction He Receives? This Is Unbelievable!

22618 views09 May 2017
Do you ever talk to your pets? We tell them it is time to go out or that they should stop some sort of inappropriate behavior. That isn’t what I am talking about. Do you ever actually talk to your pet as if they are going to answer you? LOL Honestly, I do! I don’t expect them to answer, but I talk to them anyway.

Sometimes, they do respond with a meow or a bark! The man in this video lives in an RV with his cat. We get to see a conversation he had with his kitty. The kitty responds with a meow to very question he asks! You can tell this cat really loves this guy with the slow eye blinking and even the short meow!

Via heroviral.

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