Cat Watches His Owners Teach Piano Lessons But You Won’t Believe What’s Happening Now

21784 views09 May 2017

Felines are known for getting into mischief, in ways that we never thought possible. Many a cat owner has returned home to see the contents of their house completely turned upside down. But some cats are mischievous in more subtle ways, ways that we find downright adorable.

This feline is only interested in watching his owner practicing his piano lessons, his gaze following each key being pressed. One may believe that he actually understand what he’s listening to, while others would simply chalk it up to a cat’s curiousity. However, when the lessons are over, the cat decides to do a little playing himself, and hops on the keyboard to belt out a short, slightly off-key ditty.

This isn’t the first time this cat has participated either, and plays along with his owner. Perhaps he has the making of a little maestro in those talented paws of his! Share away, people!

Via heroviral.

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