Abandoned stray cat breaks into a car, then ‘asks’ to be adopted

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Leo the cat had spent his entire life homeless and fending for himself, but his life changed when he met animal rescuer Burcu Emel, an animal rescuer in Ankara, Turkey.

Emel noted to     petoskop-“In the garden of our apartment, there is food and water containers for cats. For that reason, the garden is a popular place for local cats.”

At first, Leo was afraid of the place. “He was looking at the open buffet in our garden from the neighboring building’s wire,” Emel continues to explain. Over time though, he began to open up and come into the cat sanctuary for food. “When I came out from the door in the morning, he greeted me with a smile. He was an extremely soft-tempered male. He did not fight, he did not swat.”

The cats that visit Emel’s garden are normally spayed/neutered, vaccinated, and treated before they are returned back out to the wild, but Leo decided on a different fate by jumping into Emel’s car at every opportunity!

It became clear that the young cat wanted a home and didn’t want to be out in the wild anymore. They found a woman named Yağmur who could take the friendly cat in, and they were a true match made in heaven!

Leo no longer has to roam the streets and seems happy in his new home. He’s safe, happy, full, and satisfied with his new life, and looking cuter than ever!
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