They Rescued This Mama Cat And Her 8 Kittens

64 views 27 February 2017

Most kittens have some color variations, but they never expected what they saw when they rescued this mama cat and her 8 kittens.  When they took a closer look, to their amazement, almost all the kittens were Calico colored!

7 Calico girls and 1 boy – all as adorable as it gets! “The mother was grey and all the babies came out calico colored! The only boy in the litter is the black and white one with the goatee”

“She was found outside feral with a litter of kittens she could not take care of,” so Rachel the foster mom decided to help!

I don’t think we’ve ever seen a litter of kittens quite like this before! Amazing

Via themeowpost

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