One Kitten Started Meowing, But Now Watch What The Others Start Doing Next

241 views 23 February 2017

She walked into the backyard shed one day and found the most surprising and adorable sight!  A stray cat had just given birth to a bunch of absolutely adorable kittens!  Thankfully she was able to rescue all of them and brought them into safety, but then she recorded the cutest thing ever!

One day, she noticed one kitten yawning, which is normal for cats, but then she saw all of them started yawning almost at the same time… It was TOO cute to handle, so she decided to record it on film and it’s the CUTEST thing ever!

Such adorable, expressive little faces…Almost TOO young to even open their eyes, but not to young to yawn, It’s PRICELESS

Via themeowpost

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