Me and my cats meet a wild fox. Real life Disney moment!

20512 views 02 July 2017

Animal lover Dan Bull recently posted this video on YouTube saying:

“This incredible encounter happened to me this week. The fox was curled up asleep at my back door. Foxes are normally nocturnal and will run away if they spot you anywhere near. But I just sat there for ages chilling with this fox and two of my cats Jimmy and Sammy. I sensed no hostility from either side, just a relaxed inquisitiveness.”

I can see why Dan calls it a “Disney Moment”, it totally reminds me of The Fox and the Hounds, one of Disney’s better animations.

And since Dan took the video he added: “I have also contacted a fox welfare society who have offered to send me some treatment for mange that I can leave out with some food, which will hopefully help this fox’s fur problem. And yes, I will clean the windows! Good news all round.”

via: welovecatsandkittens

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