Mama Dog Adopts Kittens in Need Of A Home After Losing Her Puppy! – VIDEO!

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CANADA – Greta’s own puppy was stillborn just last week, leaving the small dog without any little ones to care for.

The poor mama pup, who lives in Nova Scotia, Canada, completely stopped eating and would venture outside in search of her puppies, reported LocalXpress.

But then, when three kittens who were just a few days old were rescued from an owner who intended to drown them, her life was given brand new meaning.

Shana gave the tiny trio over to Greta hoping that they would keep each other company, but the dog ended up adopting the litter as its very own.

Today, the kittens never leave their new mother’s side – cuddling up to her and feeding them from her milk.

Inge explained to LocalXpress: ‘This dog has taken to them as their own.’

The kittens adapted quite quickly to the dog’s milk because they are so young.

However, once they are older, Inge explained that they will have to see whether the cats should stay with Greta or find a new home.

Until that time, however, the kittens have a mother to take care of them and Greta finally has her litter.

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