Kitty Falls Asleep, But When Human Starts Balancing Things… I Can’t Stop Laughing, OMG

77 views 24 September 2017

This cute kitty is completely conked out, sitting straight up on the bed while he’s fast asleep. So his human decides to pull a little “prank” on his cat – and you will not believe how he pulls it off! 

The cat’s toes are sticking straight up, so he starts placing dice on the fuzzy paws. He stacks one, two, and finally FOUR whole dice on top the cat’s paw! And just wait, he puts a whole can on the cat’s other paw – it’s just hilarious! Just unbelievable!

Isn’t this crazy?! How this cat is laying so still is a complete mystery LOL. Watch it below

via :themeowpost

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