He Saw A Cat Chasing A Tiny Bunny, But Then… Watch Till The End!

19539 views 09 May 2017
We have all got presumptions about what certain animals are like. Dogs are hyper. Bears like honey. Sparrows can’t tell east from west on Thursdays in June. These are just everyday things that people assume to be true about animals, but very frequently animals stand out and prove us wrong.

Take this video as an example. At the beginning this cat is chasing the bunny, and I’m sure that we all think we know what is happening. Surely, we think, that cat is chasing that bunny down to kill it. But instead, the cat calmly licks the bunny, she lays down next to hit, and the two seem to get along swimmingly.

Take a look at this video

Without even trying these two animals are teaching us a powerful lesson. When interacting with animals and with humans, leave your presumptions at the door. They won’t get you anywhere at all. Share away, people!

Via heroviral 

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