Have You Ever Seen a Cat Do This?

49 views 12 March 2017

My neighbour’s dog was always very good at balancing small things on his nose. He would sit there perfectly still for what seemed like an age until he was given the command to toss the object into the air and catch it in his mouth. I know that it took a long time for him to perfect this trick and he was very good at it!

I was so surprised when I saw this video because I really didn’t think that this was the sort of trick that a cat would like to do, that don’t have that same “eager to please” attitude that you get with a dog so teaching them a trick requires patience and creativity. But this kitty appears proud to be showing off her skills, she manages to stay perfectly still with a cotton bud on her nose for a least 15 seconds before she lets it fall to the ground.

What a clever kitty!


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