Feral Kittens Are Rescued After Something Horrible Happened To Mom, But Watch Them Now… Very Touching!

92 views 13 October 2017

This sweet bundle of kittens was found in a bush crying for help.  The mother could’t be found and it is thought that something horrible must have happened to her to leave her kittens like this.

Luckily this good Samaritan lady stepped in and gave her time to rescue and befriend them!  They are SOO cute and it’s just touching to hear about another amazing story like this.

These kittens are all bundled together happily and becoming more and more friendly each day! (Keep reading for video)


It’s so touching to see a kind human doing something so sweet for these kittens.  They’re all so adorable and cute, I just LOVE when people choose to rescue kittens!  Watch the video:

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