Blu The Cat Has a Crazy Reaction to the Sound of Crinkling Plastic!

79 views 12 March 2017

We’ve seen a kitty before have a funny reaction to the sound of packing tape and it’s true to say that for all animals including humans, certain sounds can have a strange effect on us. For me, the sound of scraping finger nails on a chalk board makes me want to scream!

For Blu the cat, the sound of crinkling plastic is too much and she cannot help pulling the weirdest of faces.

Luckily for Blu, you can see she is not distraught in any way, this sound is pretty harmless to her other than making her stick out her tongue and pull silly faces, but for other cats, especially older ones, certain similar sounds can have a negative effect on them so please be careful with your kitties at home when introducing them to a new sound.


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