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Seller: Top-Rated Seller ttg-publishing (11.442) 99.8%, Location: Blackwood, Ships to: Worldwide, Item: 382715735315 The Bee Keeping Collection 300 Rare Vintage Books & Journals on DVD Rare Vintage books scanned to PDF format on computer disk A Totally unique and unrivalled collection A Library of 300 rare out-of-print books and Journals scanned to disk. This stunning collection contains books relating to Bee Keeping. A fantastic opportunity to discover and learn more about the history and development of Bee Keeping (apiculture). The topics covered in this extensive library include - rearing Queen bees, bee anatomy, bee hive construction, management techniques, disease identification and control, honey and wax extraction, how to produce comb honey, breeding bees, bee smokers, use of all equipment, .... and so much more! Whatever your requirements a Complete list of the titles of the books that are included on the disk is reproduced below, take the time to read through the list of titles and you will see the depth and breadth of knowledge that is covered. This unique library has been collected together for the first time here. N.B there is NO BOX or physical books included - you will receive a CD/DVD in a protective sleeve On The Disk This unique disk is an opportunity to own these rare and collectible vintage books before they disappear forever. Some of the books are already unavailable and but for being scanned into digital format would never be seen again. Each page has been scanned in as a faithful reproduction of the original. This is a chance to be able to see books that would otherwise be lost to future generations. The disk contains rare out-of-print books relating to Bee Keeping. Each book is individually named on the disk and thus is easily searchable by title, and each book is individually searchable itself. Be Aware - that other sellers may pad out their collection of books with foreign language titles or books that are not relevant to the topic. Compare items and you will see the quality and effort that goes into our disks. Other sellers also put security lock on the books which requires a password (which they wont give you) so it is restricted as to what you can do with the books - all our books are completely unrestricted. In addition all our books are fully named exactly as you see in the list below making them easy to find and easily searchable - other sellers may simply supply you a disk with books named randomly making it virtually impossible to find the book you want. IMPORTANT: These books come supplied on a DVD - note that this is not a DVD that will play on a home DVD player, it contains no video whatsoever. It is a Data DVD and must be used on a Computer to view the PDF book files 300 Volumes on Disk A bee-keeper's year-book - D L Adair (1872) A bird's-eye view of bee-keeping - W Clarke (1886) A book about bees - their history habits and instincts - C Jenyns (1886) A brief history of the north american bee-keepers society (1886) A complete guide to the mystery and management of bees - W White (1852) A description of the bar-and-frame hive - W Munn (1851) A dictionary of practical apiculture - J Phin (1884) A key to successful bee-keeping including a new system of artificial swarming - M Metcalf (1862) A manual for new zealand beekeepers - W Cotton (1848) A manual of bee-keeping - J Hunter (1884) A manual or An easy method of managing bees - J Weeks (1854) A modern bee-farm and its economic management - S Simmins (1887) A new plan for speedily increasing the number of bee-hives - J Bonner (1795) A new system of bee-keeping - D Adair (1867) A practical treatise on the hive and honey bee - L Langstroth (1857) A radical cure for the swarming habit of bees - H Jones (1910) A survey of beekeeping in California - G Vansell (1925) A thousand answers to beekeeping questions - C Miller (1917) A treatise on the breeding and management of bees, to the greatest advantage - J Keys (1814) A year among the bees - a bee-keeper of 25 years experience - C Miller (1891) A year's work in an out-apiary.An average of 114 pounds of honey per colony in a poor season, how it was done - G Doolittle (1908) Advanced bee-culture its methods and management - W Hutchinson (1905) Alexander's writings on practical bee culture - E Alexander (1910) American honey plants - F Pellett (1920) Ants, bees, and wasps. A record of observations on the habits of the social Hymenoptera - J Lubbock (1889) Apiary experiments - foundation in comb building - C Gillette (1900) Australian bee lore and bee culture - A Gale (1912) Bee breeding in the West - T Affleck (1841) Bee culture in maine - O Griffin (1918) Bee culture or, Successful management of the apiary - T Newman (1879) Bee disease control - E Carr (1917) Bee keeping - U Topperwein (1900) Bee- Keeping For Beginners - H Jackson Bee keeping for profit - L Cotton (1880) Bee keeping in Maryland - T Symons (1911) Bee keeping in Rhode Island - A Miller (1911) Bee primer for the prospective beekeeper - C Dadant (1914) Bee-culture - F Jacobsen (1920) Bee-culture - I Hopkins (1905) Beehives and bee keepers appliances - P Hasluck (1911) Bee-keepers' supplies and instructions to beginners in bee-culture - R H Smith (1900) Bee-keeping - F Benton (1905) Beekeeping - rapid increase of colonies for restocking purposes (1909) Bee-keeping by twentieth century methods - J Hand (1911) Bee-keeping for beginners - J Brown (1898) Bee-keeping for beginners - W Chitty (1903) Beekeeping for connecticut - A Yates (1918) Beekeeping for new hampshire - W Wolff (1921) Bee-keeping for profit - W S Morley (1914) Bee-keeping for profit A new system of management - L Cotton (1883) Bee-keeping for sedentary folk, or for professional people - T Potter (1908) Beekeeping for the beginner in California - G Vansell (1929) Beekeeping for the fruit-grower and small rancher, or amateur - G Coleman (1917) Beekeeping for West Virginia - C Reese (1917) Beekeeping in Arkansas - W Baerg (1920) Beekeeping in Colorado - N Boggs (1922) Beekeeping in Kansas - J Memill (1922) Bee-keeping in North Carolina - F SHerman (1908) Bee-keeping in Ontario (1908) Beekeeping in Tasmania - G Bingham (1921) Beekeeping in Tennessee - G Bentley (1913) Beekeeping in the interior of British Columbia (1922) Beekeeping in the Kootenays, British Columbia - W Sheppard(1918) Beekeeping in the South; a handbook on seasons, methods and honey flora of the fifteen southern states - K Hawkins (1920) Bee-keeping in the West Indies - W Morrison (1901) Bee-keeping in Victoria -F Beuhne (1915) Bee-keeping in war-time - W Herrod-Hempsall (1918) Beekeeping in Wisconsin - N France (1916) Beekeeping practice in North Narolina - E Carr (1917) Bee-keeping simplified for the cottager and smallholder - Harrod Hempsall (1915) Bee-keeping 'The Tmes' Bee Master - John Cumming (1864) Beekeeping; a discussion of the life of the honeybee and of the production of honey - E Phillips (1915) Bees - E Phillips (1911) Bees - Farmers Union Bulletin - E Phillips (1910) Bees - Farmers Union Bulletin - E Phillips (1919) Bees - their habits management and treatment - J G Wood (1860) Bees - their natural history and general management - R Huish (1842) Bees & bee-keeping Scientific & practical Vol 1 - F Cheshire (1886) Bees & bee-keeping Scientific & practical Vol 2 - F Cheshire (1886) Bees and bee-keeping a plain, practical work resulting from years of experience - W C Harbison (1860) Bees and honey or the management of an apiary for pleasure and profit - T Newman (1892) Bees and honey, or, The management of an apiary for pleasure and profit - T Newman (1892) Bees for pleasure and profit. The production of honey, and the general management of the apiary - G Sampson (1921) Bees in a bar-frame hive - E Bartrum (1897) Bees in Colorado, a souvenir of the Denver meeting - National Bee Keepers Assoc. (1902) Bees their habits, management and treatment - J G Wood (1893) Beginners bee book - F C Pellett (1919) Biggle bee book - a swarm of facts on practical bee-keeping - J Biggle (1909) British bee journal and bee-keepers adviser 45 volumes British bee-keeper's guide book to the management of bees - T W Cowan (1901) British bee-keepers practical notebook - T Cowan (1908) Collected leaflets on bee keeping Great Britain (1922) Comb honey - G Demuth (1917) Constructive beekeeping - E clark (1918) Cuba as a bee country. A guide to the prospective bee-keeper - A I Root Co. (1903) Dadant system of beekeeping - C Dadant (1920) Detection of arsenic in bees - E Holland (1916) Diagnosing bee diseases in the apiary - C Burnside (1949) Diagnosis of honey bee diseases, parasites, and pests - H Shimanuki (1978) Dr. Chase's family physician, farrier, bee-keeper, - A W Chase (1873) Dzierzons rational bee-keeping - J Dzierzon (1882) Eddy on bee-culture - H Eddy (1854) Elements of beekeeping - H Niswonger (1919) Essay on bee keeping - J Bradt (1869) Every step in beekeeping - B Douglass (1921) Facts about bees - E Root (1907) Fifty years among the bees - C Miller (1920) First Flights in South Australia's systematic beekeeping and honey harvesting (1881) First lessons in bee culture - N Mitchell (1871) First lessons in beekeeping - C Dadant (1918) First principles in progressive bee culture - G Hubbard (1886) Forty years among the bees - C Miller (1906) Gleanings in bee culture 13 volumes Guide to bee-keeping in British Columbia - F Todd (1911) Handbook on beekeeping in California - J Eckhert (1954) Heat production of honeybees in winter - R Milner (1921) Hints on the history and management of the honey bee - E Bevan (1851) Historical notes on the causes of bee diseases - E Phillips (1912) How to grow queens - W Kelley (1920) How to keep bees - a handbook for the use of beginners - A Comstock (1905) How to keep bees - C Miller (1918) How to keep bees for profit -D Lyon (1910) How to produce extracted honey - C Miller (1911) How to produce extracted honey - George Phillips (1904) How to raise comb honey - O Foster (1886) Humanity to Honey-bees - T Nutt (1832) Humanity to Honey-bees [Second Edition]- T Nutt (1834) Identification and control of honey bee diseases - H Shimanuki (1973) Improved queen-rearing - H Alley (1903) Information about beekeeping (1955) Instruction in bee-keeping for the use of Irish bee-keepers (1905) Instruction in bee-keeping for the use of Irish bee-keepers [New revised Edition] (1912) Keeping bees for profit and pleasure - F Carpenter (1940) Langstroth on the hive and honey bee - L Langstroth, C Dadant (1913) Langstroth on the hive and honey bee (1853) Management of bees; care of bees in spring - F Jager (1919) Manual for the artificial insemination of queen bees (1948) Manual of the apiary - A J Cook (1880) Modern bee-keeping - G Wintle (1899) Modern Bee-keeping A Handbook for Cottagers (1903) Modern queen-rearing - M Pritchard (1916) Mysteries of bee-keeping - M Quinby (1866) Natural history of the bee - H Brown (1831) Natural swarming of bees and how to prevent it - M Pettit (1915) New observations on the natural history of bees - F Huber (1806) New observations on the natural history of bees - F Huber (1821) Observations on bees and wasps - J Lubbock (1876) On the mite acarapis woodi rennie associated with bee disease - S Hirst (1921) Outapiaries and their management - M Dadant (1919) Package bees and how to install them - C Gooderham (1936) Pleasurable bee-keeping - C White (1895) Porto Rican beekeeping - E Phillips (1914) Practical advice to beginners in bee-keeping - J Tinsley (1916) Practical bee-keeping being plain instructions to the amateur for the successful management of the honey bee - F Cheshire (1879) Practical beekeeping designed for the use of the beginner and small apiarist - R Benton (1907) Practical hints on bee culture -D Arnold (1874) Practical queen rearing - F Pellett (1918) Producing, preparing, exhibiting, & judging bee produce - W Herrod-Hepsall (1912) Productive bee-keeping - F Pellett (1916) Profitable bee-keeping for small-holders and others - H Geary (1918) Progressive bee culture - D Adair (1872) Queen rearing - G Matthews (1920) Queen rearing simplified - Jay Smith (1923) Queen-rearing in England - F Sladen (1913) Quinby's new bee-keeping. The mysteries of bee-keeping explained - M Quinby (1879) Rearing of queen bees - United States Bureau of Entomology (1905) Rearing queen bees in Puerto Rico - R Van Zwaluwenburg (1918) Report on the A. & M. College apiary.Practical suggestions in modern methods of bee keeping as applied to texas conditions (1902) - F Mally (1902) Sacbrood, a disease of bees - G White (1913) Scientific queen-rearing as practically applied - G Doolittle (1889) Soft candy for bees - B N Gates (1914) Some effects of temperature, relative humidity, confinement, and type of food on queen bees in mailing cages (1941) Some of the essentials of beekeeping - B N Gates (1912) Southern bee culture - J Wilder (1908) Structure and development of the compound eye of the honey bee - E Phillips (1905) The American apiculturist 9 volumes The antient bee-master's farewell. Full and plaind directions for the management of bees to the greatest advantage - J Keys (1796) The apiary; or, Bees, bee-hives, and bee culture - C Miller (1865) The bacteria of the apiary with special reference to bee diseases - G White (1906) The bee-keeper's handy book. Twenty-two years' experience in queen-rearing, containing the only scientific and practical method of rearing queen bees - H Alley (1883) The Bee-keepers' review 21 volumes The bee-keeper's text-book - N King (1867) The bee-keeping Industry in Victoria, Australia - F Beuhne (1913) The book of bee-keeping a practical and complete manual - W Ebster (1905) The brood diseases of bees - E Phillips (1906) The habits of the honeybee - E Phillips (1914) The illustrated Australasian bee manual and complete guide to modern bee culture in the southern hemisphere 5th Edition - I Hopkins (1911) The illustrated Australasian bee manual and complete guide to modern bee culture in the southern hemisphere - I Hopkins (1886) The insulating value of commercial double-walled beehives - E Phillips (1922) The italian system of bee keeping - A Danyell (1876) The life of the bee - M Maeterlinck (1901) The Manipulation of the wax scales of the honey bee - D Casteel (1912) The national beekeeper's directory, beekeepers of the United States and Canada; with essays and hints regarding the successful management of the apiary - H Alley (1889) The natural history of bees - G Bazin (1744) The Natural History of the Bee - John Anderson (1920) The new bee-keepers text book - A King (1878) The occurrence of bee diseases in the United States - E Phillips (1911) The occurrence of diseases of adult bees, II - E Phillips (1923) The Pearce new method of bee keeping - J Pearce (1915) The practical bee guide - a manual of modern beekeeping 2nd Edition - J Digges (1910) The practical bee guide - a manual of modern beekeeping 5th Edition - J Digges (1921) The practical bee-keeper - John Milton (1851) The practical bee-master - John Keys (1780) The practical bee-master in which will be shewn how to manage bees either in straw hives or in boxes - J Keys (1780) The preparation of bees for outdoor wintering - E Phillips (1922) The progressive bee-keeper (1900) The pyramidal bee-hive - P DeCouedic (1829) The rearing of queen bees - E Phillips (1905) The roller entrance bottom board which makes bee-keeping pleasant and profitable - C Schamu (1914) The temperature of the honeybee cluster in winter - E Phillips (1914) The Townsend bee book or, How to make a start in bees - E Townsend (1914) The treatment of bee diseases - E Phillips (1911) The Truth About Sweet Clover - A I Root Co. (1910) Transferring bees to modern hives - E Sechrist (1918) Transferring of bees - F Millen (1920) Two-queen colony management for production of honey - C Farrar (1958) Wax craft, all about beeswax - T Cowan (1908) Wintering bees in Canada - F Sladen (1920) Wintering bees in Canada [Revised Ed.] - F Sladen, C Gooderham (1922) The Nature of Scanned Books You will get a copy of each of the scanned books in PDF format. The PDF will be a replica of the book in exactly the condition it was available to us - so that will necessarily mean that the book will have inevitable signs of ageing. Some of the books in our collection are over 400 years old - it is not possible to maintain a book in pristine condition for that length of time. In addition any marks made by the previous owners will also be present. We do not consider that to be a flaw of the product but rather adds to its authenticity. Searchable - Each file is fully named on the disk so it is easy to search and find a particular title. In addition each book is searchable and individual sections or pages can easily be printed. Viewing - The books will require suitable PDF software to view them, almost certainly you will already have this on your computer or device - if not such software is universally available for Free download. Sizing - Page size can be adjusted to suit your needs for viewing text or images. Printing - A complete book is printable, or individual sections or just individual pages too. Images - All images can be printed out and used as you wish. About the Disk The disk is not suitable for use on a home DVD player connected tour TV or audio device. The disk contains PDF files (these are electronic books) which can be viewed on your computer. You can easily convert the PDF files to a similar format suitable for viewing on your Tablet, mobile phone, Kindle, eBook reader or other device using the totally free software called Calibre. Please Note - Physical books are not included in this purchase; all books are scans of the original books in PDF digital format only. You will receive your disk in a protective sleeve - there is no box included. The cost of a box plus associated increase in postage and packaging would mean the price of the item would need to at least double and we find that our customers do not value a box but rather they value the contents of our disks Shipping All items are shipped from the UK. We despatch within one business day of receiving the order, please note that whilst we can despatch purchases quickly we cannot control the delivery time it takes to reach you. For UK deliveries the standard service is second class post shipped in a secure cardboard CD mailer. For non-UK deliveries; the standard posting method is Airmail. Please be aware that Airmail delivery times can vary greatly even within the same country, there is not a standard time and please do not expect your item to arrive within a few days - it simply will not happen. The "Anticipated Delivery" date is given by eBay , not us, and quite frankly should be totally ignored because it is not a true reflection of the reality. There is an option to have tracked international shipping (it is an option in the postage section of the listing) - tracked delivery is far more secure, it can often be quicker but is relatively expensive; we charge just for the cost of the service plus our additional time in organising it; it is entirely optional whether you make use of that service or not. Satisfaction Guarantee We feel certain you will be delighted with your purchase. If however for any reason you have cause for concern then please contact us. We are always happy to resolve any issue to your satisfaction and offer a full no-quibble money-back guarantee. We purchase many different items ourselves on eBay and understand the need for quality customer service. Please note - before contacting us with a query; the disk is intended to be use on a computer only (with suitable PDF reader software) - it will not work on a home DVD player connected to your TV. The disk does not contain audio or video files; it is a data disk with PDFs on it DELIVERY time-scale - Note to All Non-UK Buyers In 99.9% of cases we will post your international purchase to you within one Business day but after that we have absolutely no control over the speed, efficiency or effectiveness of the particular delivery service that you have selected. So please be aware of the following: 1. Anticipated delivery is set by eBay (not us) and should be ignored. 2. There is no set time for when your Airmail item will arrive. 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Condition: Rare vintage books in PDF format on computer disk (DVD), Non-Fiction Subject: Bee Keeping, Bees, Honey, Hives, Author: Various, Language: English

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